About Us

Established in 2006 and building on nearly nine decades of experience and commercial success, AVLIQ Textiles and Garment manufacturing are at the forefront of the development and manufacture of specialised, knitted textile products and solutions. We are a young and dynamic Company offering a fresh approach and new designs for fashion and sportswear alike. Our facilities are based in Asia, with offices in both the UK and Vietnam, making us perfectly positioned to maintain competitive pricing and do so without compromising the quality and consistency of our products…

More than just another manufacturer:

With yarn production/preparation, knitting, weaving, dyeing, finishing, fabric testing and logistic facilities all on one site, we are uniquely able to develop, manufacture and deliver the textiles and garments that meet your needs.

Very early on, we recognised the long term potential of building and maintaining relationships with our clients. We view our customers as our partners and have worked hard to create on-going, long term and successful business partnerships that are both mutually beneficial and problem free.

We pride ourselves on the extremely high quality of the textiles and garments that we manufacture and place great importance on the level of service we provide, constantly reviewing and improving our processes as our business grows. This approach has allowed our clients to continually re-invest in their businesses, allowing them to pass on these benefits back through their supply chain and customer base.

Maintaining the quality and consistency of our fabrics:

By developing and operating ‘Vertical Mills’ technology, we have achieved an enviable reputation for consistency in our fabrics and maintain a solid control over our entire production cycle. We select only the best raw materials to spin our own yarn and then weave the fabric to a very high specification. Our foresight in this field has allowed us to develop innovative procedures and processes which enable us to supply the very best fabrics available today


AVLIQ not only specializes in the design, development and production of Knitted textiles for a wide range of end use, but also masters the production of Fashion Garments and Sports/Adventure apparel for Men, Women and Children. From fabrics used in the T-shirt industry to all manner of Sportswear, Adventure wear and much more in-between, you can be confident that AVLIQ will have the textile solution to meet your needs. We utilise the latest in fabric technology, garment design and advanced digital printing techniques and continually focus on research and technological development


We have a responsibility to manage our activities so that we can demonstrate and achieve a sound environmental performance.


AVLIQ is working to achieve its goal of zero accidents in accordance with the first of its Corporate Guiding Principles: "Placing top priority on safety, accident prevention and environmental preservation, ensuring the safety and health of our employees, our customers and local communities, and actively promoting environmental preservation."


Foresight – thinking ahead:
The ability to continually supply fabrics is imperative to our customers, so a lot of thought goes into stocking fabrics in advance. For example, if our customers have seasonal production increases, we at AVLIQ can prepare in advance.
In addition, our position and experience in the industry allows us to carefully consider our customers future needs. We can spot trends in customer requests and closely follow industry design and fabric specification trends to anticipate future expectations.

By being proactive in this manner, we often reduce lead times and offer an unparalleled selection of popular fabrics in stock, enabling us to offset global changes to exchange rates by buying large quantities in advance.

You can trust AVLIQ, because quality never goes out of style….


Unit 64,
The Wills Building,
Wills Oval,
Newcastle Upon Tyne

t: +44 (0) 191 209 6931


Số 11 Mỹ Giang 2A
Phú Mỹ Hưng, P. Tân Phong
Quận 7, TPHCM

t: +0084 28 6682 4633
f. +0084 28 5414 1280
m. +0084 913 809 133
or 0084 906 897 538

Factory: 60/1 Bông Sao
P. 5, Q. 8, TP. HCM
Việt Nam.